Some common questions...

Do you carry insurance?

Yes we carry full liquor liability and general event insurance , which we can provide any venue.

Do you have a liquor license?

Oh, the most popular question I get asked and no I simply serve the supplied beverages.

I do however have recommendations for local shops that will deliver and allow you to return any unused beer and wine.

Where are you based and how far do you travel??

We are based in Canton Ohio but are totally open to travel within a reasonable distance.

How much do you cost ?

Well I think we are priceless (wink) but everything has a number . Please email me with your event details for a quote . Most weddings start at 1,500.00 for the bar and 1,200.00 for the photo booth.

What if my caterer already provides bar service ? can they serve out of our camper?

 Want our bar and have your own caterer? Thats ok you wont hurt our feelings . We will just have to approve the catering co .Once we do they are welcome to serve from our bar .You will be responsible however if any damage occurs during the event .  Rental cost for the evening is 1,000.00  

How are the photos taken in the camper?

Just like any other traditional photo booth . you go inside , take a seat it counts down for 3 poses and BAM 2 strips pop out the printer. 

Do you have an indoor bar ?

Yes! for locations where the caravan will not work we do have a beautiful indoor wood bar